About the Author

S J Menary is an author and poet. She writes Gothic horror, fantasy adventure, and chilling tales of the macabre.

Her publications include short stories and poems featured in a number of local anthologies with Rugby Writers (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), an international collaboration of fantasy stories (‘Winds of Change’, Realm of Meard Publishing, 2014) and with The Writer’s Hub, Coventry (‘Paper Jam’, The Writer’s Hub, 2014).

Her poetry has been published with Rugby Festival of Culture’s poem a day initiative (2015). She was also a winner of the 2014 Sampad International Writing Completion.

Most recently, her short story ‘The Incredible Airship Circus’ was published by Cogsmith Publishing in their Steampunk anthology ‘Airships and Automata’ (2016).



4 thoughts on “Welcome”

    1. Hi frenchc1955! Thanks for getting in touch. I do have a like ‘star’ on my posts as they crop up on the wordpress news feed but not on the pages themselves yet. I’m still working on that! But thanks for getting in touch!

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