The sky is falling
It is slashed across
Silver and grey
With scar tissue

Raw, its wounds are pink
And copper shimmers
As it bleeds through

The sun is dead
For today
And he leaves
A bloody battle trail
Cut deep
Into the twilight sky

I weep for him
As the moon
Washes away
The evidence.

S J Menary



I’m really pleased to announce that ‘Caroline’s Story’ will make its debut on the 25th February at The Mockingbird Theatre as part of a series of contemporary short films presented by Indiana Vision.I have been blogging about the production of this short film for some time, and you can read about the process here:
The exhibition of short films feature the newest and most diverse talent the Midlands has to offer.
The West Midlands based production team who have brought ‘Caroline’s Story’ to life have created a moving and honest portrayal of one woman’s struggle to come to terms with terminal cancer.
Caroline is brought to life by actress Justine Marriott. Marriott has performed at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry, appearing in Hamish Glen’s ‘One Night in November’, as well as in Paul Murphy’s ‘Click Track’ at the REP, Birmingham. She is also a frequent contributor to Theatre Exchange Birmingham.
‘Caroline’s Story’ was written by Simon Grenville and directed by Paul Ullah, both of whom are based in the West Midlands. Ullah has directed in the UK and North America.
The film also features the talents of Gareth Wyn Jones, Neville Cann and a dedicated production team.
The film will be showcased alongside up and coming works from Johann Chipol, Tom Pinks, Brendan O’Neill, Denis Plesca, James Palmer, Mitchell Ward and James Root.
The exhibition begins at 7:30 at the Mockingbird Theatre and Bar (The Custard Factory, Birmingham). Entrance is FREE. Prepare for a night of laughter, tears, drama and even a shock or two!
For more information, see the website: