I need your support!

51615Fantastic news! Last year I was approached by independent publishing label Cogsmith Publishing and asked to write a brand new steam punk story for their upcoming short story compendium.

The anthology, entitled ‘Airships & Automata’, features short stories by established and up and coming authors. It is collection of inventive short stories, by nine different authors, designed to stretch the imaginations of readers with an interest in steampunk.

If you haven’t come across steam punk before, it can be loosely defined as ‘science fiction inspired by the Victorian aesthetic’. Our stories also mention as a part of their narrative either automata or airships.

My story, ‘The Incredible Airship Circus’, tells the story of Pierre, a brilliant inventor whose past mistakes drive him to drink. But when an old friend turns up at his Airship Circus, beaten and dying, Pierre finds himself drawn into a dark and dangerous secret.

Cogsmith Publishing is a new small press publisher primarily interested in working within the steampunk genre. As a independent publisher, Cogsmith Publishing has started a crowd funder campaign to raise £700 for ISBN numbers for print and electronic versions of the book and to do an initial print run.

Each author will also be paid a percentage of the proceeds from this crowd funding project as royalty for their story, and for many of the authors, this will be their first commissioned work.

The campaign will run until the 22nd May 2016, and if you would like to pledge your support to the project, you can find the crowd funder page here:


In return for your support, you can receive first copies of the book (print or electronic) at a reduced price and even have the option to receive a hardback edition which will be only available in very limited numbers! ‘Airships & Automata’ bookmarks are also available as rewards too if you would like to offer a smaller pledge.

Find out more about Cogsmith Publishing:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CraigSWright

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cogsmithpublishing