An evening of Halloween tales…

Prepare yourselves, dear readers, for a night of ghastly ghosts, shrieking spectres and furry things that go bump in the night…

The Badger’s Arms, Long Buckby, will be hosting a special evening dedicated to the dark, the macabre and the truly terrifying!

On the 31st October, the spookiest night of the year, I will be giving a reading of selected pieces of my most haunting works, along with excerpts of your favourite classic horror stories.

There will be gin! There will be pizza! And there will be horror!!!



New Release!

41-Z4cB74RLI am delighted to announce that the new Corona Book of Science Fiction has been released! It features some brilliant stories from writers all over the world, including three from my very own home town of Rugby (there must be something in the water!).

You will find my own story, ‘The Constellationist’ at the back. It’s the epic story of a clone who crashes into a very rusty space ship. What she finds on board may just surprise you!

Want to find out what happens next? Check it out here:

Available online:

Also available from Hunt’s Bookshop:


I have contributed to a fair few anthologies over the years. Here is a selection of riveting reads that are available to purchase online or in a good old fashioned book shop. There are short stories about clones, magical steam punk circuses and poems about everything from orcs to my very own pet cat. Something for everyone!


Corona Book of Science Fiction, 2018 (Corona Books)

‘The Constellationist’

Available online:

Also available from Hunt’s Bookshop:

Corona book of horror storiesCorona Book of Horror, 2017 (Corona Books)

‘The Angel Girl’

Available online:

Also available from Hunt’s Bookshop:

CPAirships and Automata, 2016 (Cogsmith Publishing)

‘The Incredible Airship Circus’

Available online:

Paper Jam Anthology, 2014 (The Writer’s Hub, Coventry)

‘Born without a twin’ and ‘Writer’s block’

Available upon request to The Writer’s Hub.

Sampad International Writing Competition (Inspired by My Museum), 2013 (British Council)

‘My Ancestor and I’

Available online:

Winds of Change (Volume I), 2013  (Realm of Meard Publishing)

‘The Midnight Court’

Available online:

Rugby Writers Group Anthologies 2013 -2016

‘The Long Night’

‘Engines of Industry’

‘Dolbadarn Orcs’

Available upon request to Rugby Writers’ Group.

Terrors that fly by night: gothic poetry and fiction, 2013 – 2014

Available online: